Friday, 3 January 2014

More bulbs!

I know I've just posted about the tulip mothers but when I uploaded it I saw that I forgot to tell you about my previous bulb painting. They are also tulip bulbs. Very different though. These are very small and have no babies. They are not as silky and shiny as the "Black Hero" bulbs. They are rougher and have the colour of cinnamon. I really love these small ones. They are botanical tulips and look a bit different from the "normal", popular tulips you see everywhere.

So here they are. 6 Small bulbs of Tulipa batalinii seedlings. The scan took away the roots and detail in the fluffy parts a bit but you get the idea.
Not so sure if I'll paint the flowers of them, or of the Black Heroes. I just love bulbs more then the flowers they produce. But... you never know...

Tulip Mothers

A week before Christmas I went to the garden-centre to buy some small stuff for Bertus. At school they make some Christmas arrangement each year from twigs, berries, sparkling ornaments, a candle and other things. So, to buy some bird ornaments and gold glitter stars, I went there and saw the corner with spring bulbs. All on sale now because it's really a bit too late to start planting them now. I found a bag with 5 tulip bulbs (50% off) of a tulip called "Black Hero". The flower was ok, and I saw that the bulbs had small green shoots. When I got home I took them out of the plastic bag and put them in a row in front of me. They all had small babies! So I decided to paint them all... the young mothers with their vibrant green sprouts.

My own little sprout made a gorgeous Christmas arrangement at school, BTW. So... I guess that makes 6 proud mums in total ;)