Sunday, 29 April 2012

Brunette in Progress

According to an article in the Daily Mirror do gentlemen no longer prefer blondes.
Modern men want brains and sophistication which are most often associated with brunettes, researchers at City University found.

The top 10 reasons why gentlemen prefer brunettes:

Body art is rated as more attractive on brunettes
Brunettes are perceived as more worldly and mature.
Brunettes are believed to be more self-sufficient.
Brunettes are perceived as more serious.
Brunettes are perceived as being less temperamental
Brunettes are thought to be more capable
Brunettes are thought to earn more money
Brunettes are perceived as more intelligent
Men feel more successful with a brunette by their side
Brunettes are viewed as marriage material

source: Ask Men

Not that I'm drawing this Clematis for men in particular :P
I just started this drawing of Clematis 'Brunette' only because I am in love with the dark flowers. I've had this Clematis for years in my garden but it died last winter. I bought a new one a few weeks ago. So, before planting it, I thought to draw this beauty. Looks very intelligent and perhaps it will earn me more money than a blonde ;)

Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Bulb Drawing and Some News

A lot has happened lately. Really... a lot. I'm happy to say it's all quite positive. I finished a bulb drawing today, an interview about me and my art was published in Noorderland magazine, I finally built my new website (and it works!!!!) and I'll be teaching in a new course about drawing botanical art with coloured pencils. It's a lot.

First of all, let me show you the drawing. It's done in coloured pencil and it's a Crocosmia 'Lucifer' bulb which I pulled out of my garden this week. The contrast of the died leaves and the new, toxic green sprout is so nice. Well, I like it anyway :P

It wasn't an easy thing to draw in coloured pencil. I think it would have been more easy if I had used only graphite pencils. The hardest part of it was the fibre, straw-like part above the bulb and between the two dead leaves. White thin sprigs. Many of them too... Ah well, I managed it somehow and I'm rather pleased with the result too. That doesn't happen so often.

So... then there's the article, 6 full pages in a very nice magazine, Noorderland. A large interview, a lot of my drawings (nicely printed) and nice photos of stuff in my studio and also of me. So if you live in the Netherlands or there about, have a look.

Now, because I was going to feature in this big article I really had to update my website. And because I'm such a stubborn person that always knows best and never likes prefab website designs, I wanted to build it myself. I'm happy now with the style and all I need now is to build a little e-store to sell cards, prints and other stuff. So if you haven't done it already, please have a look at it. Some feedback is always nice ;)
Finally the 6-day-drawing-course. That will be (I really hope I get enough students for this) next June in the botanical garden "De Kruidhof" in Buitenpost. On my website is a folder with more info. It will be six days in three weeks time. I'm looking forward to it... sitting in the gardens there, peacefully struggling with all the plant material, trying hard to get it all down on paper.... Aaaaah..... splendid!