Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Pippa !!!


A few weeks ago my niece gave birth to her second daughter. Pippa Mirte Maan.... And yesterday the card came in the post. Well.... card.... more like a little bag.... There were bulbs of four-leaved clovers inside. For luck.....
So I wish you Pippa, and your parents and little big sister Zoƫ all the luck in the world!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Anemone hupehuensis 'Splendens'

Anemone hupehuensis 'Splendens'

The end result of the drawing I made in Eenrum at "De Kleine Plantage". Not entirely finished yet... but it is almost done...

Monday, 15 September 2008


Last weekend I was in Eenrum. A nice small village in the north of the province of Groningen. My favourite nursery "de Kleine Plantage" is there. I buy most of my plants there.... they have lots of interesting stuff. Every month they have a special weekend. Like a Hosta weekend, fruit and vegetables weekend, bulbs weekend and so on.

Working in the Greenhouse

Last weekend they celebrated their 25th anniversary and invited all there contacts and friends to celebrate it with them. People came from everywhere with their own specialties to sell at "De Kleine Plantage". Since this year they also sell my cards in their lovely garden shop. And Fleur, Eric and Fenna asked me to come too this weekend. I sat in the greenhouse and sold cards for the Dutch Society of Botanical Artists. I also demonstrated how to draw....

I made a nice drawing of an Anemone and a small Geranium. Both very pretty. It was such an inspirational weekend. I met so many beautiful people. It was great! Absolutely great!