Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Anemone hupehuensis 'Splendens'

Anemone hupehuensis 'Splendens'

The end result of the drawing I made in Eenrum at "De Kleine Plantage". Not entirely finished yet... but it is almost done...


MACO said...

Great job! How gentle your art works are!

from opposite side of the earth.
Maco ;)

Sigrid Frensen said...

Thanks Maco!!!

Gillian Mowbray said...

Wonderfully vibrant - even the texture is so very life-like. It reminds me that I really need some anemones in the garden. I used to have some in a former garden and I miss them!

Sigrid Frensen said...

Thanks Gillian,
Anemones are wonderfull. And this one it super! the colours are darker and the petals of the flowers have different sizes. It looks a bit wilder then the other anemones you usually see in gardens.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sigrid,

This is such a beautiful vibrant drawing, it's gorgeous!!

I've just tagged you!

Cecca :-)

Sigrid Frensen said...

Thanks Cecca!

joco said...

Hiya Sigrid,

Well done!

You have found an effective way to get yourself at the top of google lists:

Misspelling seems to work wonders :-)

The extra letter -u- in the ssp name.

Nice picture though.