Friday, 6 July 2012


I sort of promised myself at the end of last year that I would make more drawings in graphite. I haven't done much painting and drawing yet this year. It's always something that's blocking me. Sometimes it's because of health issues, depression or *just* a painter's block. But also May and June were filled with teaching and doing a course. I forced myself this week to draw something and, maybe more important, to finish it.

In my garden I saw this week my Triteleias blooming between the Lady's Mantle. I always forget I have them and every year it's a nice surprise to see them flowering so happy and blue in the chartreuse foam of the Alchemilla mollis. So I picked one of them and started to draw. I did a pencil drawing of it on Canson Bristol. I don't like so much the white of the paper but it works so very nice and smooth with graphite. Here it is:

 I wanted to paint it in colour too but this weekend I'm too busy with my son's birthday. So, no painting... I did start a second flower drawing from a different angle and I hope to add it to this first one for a nice composition. But that too needs time... we'll see ;)