Here are some previous posts on how I work, the techniques I use and even some step-by-step tutorials. These tutorials are free for you to use, however do not use them nor my images in classes or in any commercial way. Enjoy ;)


Rose Hips in Coloured Pencil

Step-by-step Tutorial about working with coloured pencil

Hydrangea 'Preziosa'

A series of posts about the making of a large drawing in coloured pencils.
This one has a set on Flickr with more images of the process.

Von Siebold Project




Nectaroscurdum siculum 

In these posts I show the process of making
a large drawing in coloured pencil.
There are even more sketches of this project
on my Flickr-stream.

Nectaroscurdum siculum 

More progress



Bark in Coloured Pencil

The first stages 

quick bark update

Bark, bark, bark!


Some things to try out

Yellow drawing drawing a yellow tulip in coloured pencil

A leaf (about foreshortening)

Akebia and a fuzzy practice (drawing a graphite pencil drawing and a hairy leaf in coloured pencil

Finished Work (some information about a few watercolour paintings I painted for the SBA exhibition in 2011)

I'm a bad blogger (Bits and pieces about some WIP bulb-projects in watercolour)