Sunday, 14 June 2009

Nectaroscurdum siculum

I'm trying to work on a project now. It's a bud of the Nectaroscordum siculum in my garden. The bud is opening and the flowers start to come out and bend down gracefully. It's a beautiful process. I did make a small try (well actually not small, it's 1:1) of a bud first:

First try for my next project

I made drawings of five stages. I placed them next to each other on the Fabriano and now I have to colour them. It takes a long time and I am very busy doing a lot of other things as well.

Nectaroscordum Opening

But I alsmost finished the first part. The open flower (yes I'm working backwards). The flower was still in my garden and the buds were all gone. I made a lot of photos from the buds so I can work from that. But as long as I had the real thing I could use that. So that's why I started with the last one in the row.

Nectaroscordum progress


sue said...

These are just stunning, Sigrid! I love hearing about how you did these. What an unusual flower, too!

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

So lovely to see your progression!

Anonymous said...

Do do do !
by Ciuccio

sophie said...

Sigrid, I love this. It looks like it's growing out of the paper (all your pictures do, come to that.) I've got several bulbs of this growing in my garden, currently hidden by a hugely overgrown hedgehog rose. The strangest thing about them is the smell - like a mixture of plastic and garlic - but I love the flowers, and I love your drawings of them