Saturday, 20 June 2009

Pastel Garden

Pastel Garden

I wasn't feeling that well this week. Actually, I'm not feeling well at all for the last ... months. I had some good periods but overall it has been a bit hard lately. So this week, again, I had a bad week and I was very tired. I wanted to draw, I did draw... but the drawing is not going that well if I'm not feeling okay. When I'm not able to draw I like to play a bit with Photoshop. I decided to make this mosaic. These are all small details from photos I made in my garden.


Heidi said...

Hello Sigrid! Jou blog is fantasties en mooi uiteengesit. Hierdie is 'n pragtige "image" hoor! Byt vas my liewe vriendin!

Joan Y said...

Hey Sweetness! I am sending you a huge hug from Hawaii! :)

Elizabeth Smith said...

And a hug from Florida!! Your garden must be glorious. PhotoShop is wonderfully therapeutic for me, too...hope you are feeling better soon. Your work is beautiful and we need more of it in the world.

:) smiles,