Monday, 27 October 2008

More seeds

Jeroen is home today so I can do a little bit of drawing. I decided to draw a seed head of a fluffy Clematis in my garden. It is Clematis “My Angel”.


I’ve blogged the flower before. But that was a photo. This morning I made a drawing with coloured pencil. A big challenge because the seeds are really fluffy and silky. Very, very light (almost white) coloured. But I was , after a lot of struggles, quite happy with the result. So to show it to you and the rest of the world I decided to scan it and upload it on the Internet. The scanner however couldn’t detect the light, delicate hairy seeds. So I had to take a photo of the drawing. Not a very good photo, but it is better than the scan. Very happy with this little drawing….. Hope you like it too ;-)

But wait! There’s more! I also found a nice looking seed head of an Acanthus mollis in the garden. Not possible to draw it this year but today I made a very nice photo of it. Here it is:

Acanthus mollis seed heads


Olha Pryymak said...

beautiful drawing, the picture looks like a potentially stellar drawing as well ;)

Sigrid said...

Ha, well maybe next year I'll draw it. It is on my wishlist for quite a while now, so who knows ;-)