Tuesday, 24 March 2009


Last weekend I was in Breukelen to visit my parents. I always visit my parents at the end of March because my father is having his birthday. So every year I see the beautiful Magnolia tree in my mother's garden and I love it. I always loved it. It is a small one because they have a small garden but the shape is so nice and I love to sit under it. When you look up at this time of the year you'll see this:

Magnolia buds

It reminds me of a painting I loved as a child:

It's the "Bloeiende Amandelboom" (Almond Blossom, 1890) by Vincent van Gogh. I haven't seen the real thing for some years now. I'm not sure it still is one of my favorites.

Maybe I liked it because it reminded me of my mother's Magnolia :)

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Anonymous said...

... and I like this "Almond Blossom" by van Gogh because remember me the almond three of my father ... blossoming in the half of february in Apulia ... so beautiful to see and announcing the spring ...