Wednesday, 7 April 2010

New stuff for my garden

In Eenrum I bought some plants. Thought I'd better write it down somewhere to remember myself what it is I bought. I always forget....
- Angelica Gigas (2x)

- Astrantia major "Blues Night"

- Pulmonaria "Blue Ensign"

- Phlox "Rosa Pastell"

- Agastache "Blue Fortune" (although I wanted "Black Adder")
- Digitalis Mertonensis
- Astrantia major ex. "Hadspen Blood"

- Geranium "Sandrine"

I also bought some seeds to throw around in the garden Atriplex hortensis "Red Plume" is probably the best of all. Okay.... let's play in the soil now :))


Gillian said...

What a great idea to use your blog to record your plants. I'll look forward to seeing them immortalised in your artwork. x

sue said...

Wow-your garden sounds beautiful, Sigrid! I agree with Gillian. Can't wait.

Joan Y said...

Your garden must be incredible to walk through!

Anonymous said...

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