Sunday, 23 November 2014

I like big bulbs and I can not lie

Next year the society of Dutch botanical artists will get the opportunity to show their work in the Shirley Sherwood gallery in Kew Gardens, London. The mission is to show lots of paintings and drawings of bulb flowers. Naturally it will have the tulips. I guess there is no avoiding those. But I definitely didn't want to portrait tulips, Narcissus, crocuses or hyacinths. There are so many flowering bulbs worth looking at and many much more appealing than the regular narcissus and tulip. So I picked two of my favourite bulbs. Large and gorgeous. First Fritillaria persica:

I did it in coloured pencil and I love how this flower moves like a dancer, swaying her hips.

The second one is Galtonia viridiflora. Not a very common bulb but I have had them in my garden for years and just love the green/cream coloured elegant bells. This one I started in watercolour but half way decided it would look better in coloured pencil.

Hope they both will be admitted for the exhibition in London and that many of you will be able to visit the exhibition. Of course I'll post the announcement of the opening and exact dates here and on Facebook. Until then I'll get started with my next (fun) project. More about that in future posts too ;)


Willy said...

Zo mooi, hier word ik stil van!

Michiel Thomas said...

Echt schitterend, Sigrid!
Dus ik moet ook nog naar londen, volgend jaar..
Alvast gefeliciteerd

Janene said...

Lovely paintings of beautiful bulbs! I wish I could see the exhibition but live too far away--I hope you post photos!

Heidi said...

So skitterend mooi Sigrid...lyk so vloeiend en grasieus:)