Tuesday, 15 July 2008

In Bloom

I've been working on my blog to give it a better look. It's improving step by step. Today my brother, his girlfriend and their two kids came to visit. But although the house was full and everyone was quite busy playing, I did find some time to take some photo's in the garden. I discovered a Daylily that never bloomed before. My mother gave me this one last year.

I thought that it was 'Catherine Woodbury', but apparently it's not. I don't know it's name. It looks a bit like 'Mama Cha Cha' or 'Coral Lace' but I'm not sure.

I also noticed Clematis 'My Angel' covered with tiny pretty flowers.

And what about this beautiful Hydrangea? It's Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight'. A very nice one. Big greenish white perfect flowers.

And finally I spotted this in the border:

Here are Veronicastrum virginicum 'Fascination' and Persicaria amplexicaulis 'Summer Dance'. I love Veronicastrums and Persicarias. Ican't explane why, I just do...


akke said...

Ik heb hem dus gekocht als "Chaterine Woodbridge", maar ik kan de kaartjes niet meer vinden.
Dag Akke

Anonymous said...

Sorry Catherine Woodbury, dat kaartje is er nog.

Sigrid said...

Dit ( http://www.dekleineplantage.nl/plaatjes/planten/Hemerocallis/pages/1574.html )is 'Catherine Woodbury'. Beetje paarsig roze met groene keel. Geen rodige vlek.
Ik ben wel blij dat het deze perzikkleurige is met rode vlek. Catherine had ik al in de tuin staan maar ik vind deze veel mooier!

Gillian said...

Sigrid - thank you for visiting my blog and letting me know about the Veronicastrum. I love the fact that you've got a photo of it too!
Your blog is lovely - beautiful photos. I shall return. x