Thursday, 11 December 2008

Siggy piggy

Haven’t blogged in a while. Mostly because of my wrist surgery (my wrist is fine btw and still safely packed in a big bandage). On Flickr however I did upload some photos this week. On Flickr there is lately some “game” going on. It is from the group called “I’ve been tagged”. It is a bit stupid actually but hey, if I’m invited I will play… this once.
If you are tagged (like I was) you’re supposed to upload the 5th image in your 5th folder of your images folder on your computer. Drop this photo in the group “I’ve been tagged” and tag 5 other flickr people.
For some it is great fun I guess. Well I did my duty and dropped my 5th of the 5th in the group and tagged 5 others. This is my photo, another selfportrait (but this time it’s in colour):

Tagged: Sien kleur

Naturally I got some comments on this. Including a comment on one of the labels/tags I added to this photo (which was “Siggy Piggy”). My friend Michiel commented that he liked Siggy Piggy so much. Thanks Michiel. But let me explain where it comes from….

On Flickr I have another friend. His alias is Norfolkboy1. He loves it to be rude and hard and funny in his comments. Most of the time he is only rude on his own photostream I’m happy to say. It’s not really rude in a negative kind of way… actually he is a very loving and kind man (although he would never admit that in public, but I know he’s very nice). I love to tease him back, and that’s how it goes…

In our comments he makes it some sort of a sport to call me silly names. And the big challenge is to think of a new name for me every time. In the past few months I’ve been called a lot of things. Here are most of them:

Siggy Piggy, little pedant porker, little piglet, little limp wristy sigry, Sigpig, Siggry, Sagred van Porkmeister, Dutch Dingbat, Frenzied, low country, low life, Mrs. Frenzied, Sigrismoaner, Dumb Dutch Doodle Doer, dumb porcine personage, picolino porker sigrissimo, swine Sigristolamaniac, Snortmeister, little porker, kleine schwine, SigridPigrid, Sigristomania, little clog clad mate, porker, Sig, little miss troublemaker, Sigrid Frenzied, little snorter, Dutch type person, Sigrismaniac, Frensen features, little miss piggy-in-the-middle, cloggy, Sigrid Van Friesland, Sigrid van Cloggsmania, Auntie Sigmaniac, clever clogs, dopey dutch dingbat, cheeky Dutch monkey (?), Dutch type person, The Dutch vandal, Frendless, Sigrett, Signorina, Auntie Sigmania, Siggypigs, Auntie Sigridstein, little monkey, little cloggy friend, Siggy Wiggy, Sigristothemill, clever clogs Frenzied, Stalker Bird, Sacrid, Sacred, cheeky little low country monkey, clever clogs, Dijk trechter(?), Sigrafitti, Auntie Sigfriedline, Seegreed, Stig, Sagrid, Sigristtio, Auntie Startingrid, Sigrismondeo, Sigrismunda van cloggysville, Sigrisio Van Nederlandio, little cloghopper Sigristti, Sigismunda, Sigrissimo, miss Sigrismunda van Clogmeister, Sigismunda Clogoxantia, Nederlander troublemaker, cloghopper, sad eyed lady from the lowlands.

Pick your favorite ;-)


norfolkboy said...

WOW!!! This man is an inventive comedy genius, are his photos. as brilliant as his sense of humour?
Tell you what, if he ever takes up art he could conquer the world!

Thank you Sigrid so much for bringing such a wonderful man to mine and other lucky peoples attention.

Sigrid said...

The world is more or less safe. He lives in a cage, he is allowed to get some fresh air in the night. That's the reason why you will find a lot of photo's of deserted places, sunsets and sunrises....

Cecca said...

That's a lotta names!
Are you sure this man isn't a 5 year old?

Joan Y said...

Hahhahahahahahahahahahaaha my personal favorite is little limp wristy sigry! That train boy is a hoot! Make sure he stays in his cage, will you!

norfolkboy said...

Oi Cecca!
What you mean 5 year old?
I'm nearly 6 and threequarters, you ask my mummy!

norfolkboy said...

Having just watched "The importance of being Ernest" by my alter ego, dear Oscar, I thought these lines were pertinent, ney impertinent, to your thoughts on me, which dear lady, you saw fit to broadcast to a much wider public than to which one has become accustomed.....
Algernon Moncrieff: Oh! I am not really wicked at all, cousin Cecily. You mustn't think that I am wicked.
Cecily Cardew: If you are not, then you have certainly have been deceiving us all in a very inexcusable manner. I hope you have not been leading a double life, pretending to be wicked and being really good all the time. That would be hypocrisy.


Oh the shame of it, the descent into a world of unmitigated public transparency!