Monday, 4 August 2008


I love roses. I haven't counted my roses but I have a few in my garden. Shall I name them? Oh well, why not :~)

There is of course 'New Dawn'. That's the first rose I ever bought. Strong and survives everything (hot summers, hard pruning, dry grounds, shadow gardens). And she is still very nice.
Rosa Glauca, I mentioned her in an earlier post. One of my favorites. Nice foliage, lovely small pink flowers, beautiful hips in autumn and winter.
I've also mentioned 'Heritage' before. This is one of three Austin roses I have. The other two are 'Abraham Darby' and 'the Squire'.

'Abraham Darby' (photo above) is a beauty and has a great scent. 'the Squire' (which is no longer available I think) is a difficult one. The colour is very deep dark red, almost black sometimes. It smells wonderful, but it hardly has any leaves, it has a lot of thorns and it just looks like it's going to die any moment. Not a very happy rose.
Is that it? Nooooo! I'm just getting started. I also have a lady called 'Mme. Alfred Carrière'.

Actually I have two of her. Perfect climber, flowers all summer long and very healthy green foliage.
Another strong and beautiful climber is 'Lykkefund', maybe this is my favorite. Lot of small creamy white flowers with warm yellow centres. It has no thorns but it has very nice orange rose hips in the autumn. Oh, and very nice scented too!

But... I have also 'Moonlight'. Maybe that's my favorite...

The young foliage is red, so are the new branches. Later on the foliage gets dark green, not too big and looks very healthy. The flowers are very nice too. Creamy white. Lightly scented. But the foliage.... just wonderful!
Then there is 'Desprez a Fleur Jaunes'. Sadly this one doesn't seem to like it very much in my garden. It hardly gets any flowers and it looks a bit ill to me. Maybe I should try it somewhere else.
'Paul's Scarlet Climber' is in my front garden. Since two years a blackbird nests in it. Very wise decision to nest in that rose with our cat Murkje wandering about. This rose is... Scarlet, how did you guess? Not a good colour for the back garden but very good for the front.
Finally there is Rosa moyesii 'Geranium' in the front garden. Very fine feathery leaves, beautiful red flowers and big orange bottle shaped hips.
I said finally but I remember now that there are two more roses in my garden. They both belonged to my grandfather. They are both pink and both have very large flowers. My grandfather liked roses like that. And I must admit that they look like roses should: like roses ;~D

I think that's it. If I've counted correctly that makes 13 different kinds of roses. Maybe there are even more, I guess there are...


Gillian said...

What a fabulous list! Mme Alfred Carrierre has a wonderful scent doesn't it, but only flowers once, as I recall. I've had some of these in previous gardens and I miss New Dawn and R.Glauca.
Glad you've been having sunshine over there - more rain here.

Sigrid said...

Ha Gillian, Mme Alfred Carrière is the first of my roses to start flowering. But now there are still quite a few flowers. And yes, they smell very nice especially when the weather is warm and damp.
And the weather... yes, well... It has started to rain here to and the weather forecast isn't so sunny either...:-(