Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Little Nell

No bark this time. I'm having the day off. Or maybe this evening... But I'm very tired. This afternoon I have to take the children to Groningen to meet Jeroen. We'll be looking for a birthday present for me. I would like to have a small compact digital camera that I can take with me in my handbag. Now I use an enormous camera. It takes wonderful photo's but is also very heavy. I hope the children will be a little bit cooperative. Ward was very grumpy when I told him we had to go to Groningen. It makes me sad... But I guess that's also because I'm tired of all the drawing, the running around to keep an eye on Bertus, doing the laundry, the washing up and prevent the house from getting one big mess.
So, to cheer me up a bit I thought I should post a photo that makes me happy. I took this one last week. It's Clematis viticella 'Little Nell'.

This Clematis is always doing great, every year it's full of flowers. But this year it is absolutely amazing. It has never flowered this good before. My Wisteria is having some late flowers too and the colours complement each other very nicely.

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