Friday, 29 August 2008


I try to walk Ward to school with Bertus at least once a day (or to pick him up). Bertus loves to play on the playground at school with all the big kids... Next to the school is a church with a lot of Common Lime trees around it. I love these trees. I love it when they flower and I also love their seeds. At this time of the year they start to drop their pretty seeds. They are a bit odd. It looks as if they come growing out of a leaf. But is not a leaf. The leaves have a very different shape. I guess the tree grows this on the seeds to use as some sort of a glider.
Yesterday when we walked Ward to school I found some very nice seeds and, that same afternoon, I made a drawing of it....Here it is:
Common Lime/Tilia europaea/Hollandse Linde

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Cynthia said...

Your drawing is beautiful. The details are amazing. I know this tree as Linden and enjoy its flowers in tea. Thank you for sharing your drawing.