Wednesday, 13 August 2008


The last couple of days I’ve been extremely tired. I have tried to draw. But Bertus keeps interrupting. He just won’t let me. This morning however I could do a little bit more drawing.
Bertus does not like sunglasses. Well, he does not like people who wear sunglasses. When I put on my sunglasses, in the car for instance, he gets really upset and scared. So when Bertus is around I don’t wear them. Last week however I gave him an old pair of sunglasses to play with. He could look through them and give them to everyone. Now I have to put the glasses on all the time. When the glasses are on the tip of my nose and look over them he thinks it’s funny. But believe it or not, he always has to push the glasses right up on my nose, so he can’t see my eye’s anymore. The weird thing is that I have to do this all the time. He isn’t scared of it anymore but does not trust me either. He does not want to look at me, but I’m not allowed to take them of. He just turns his head away or even walks away from me. So this morning, when I tried once again to continue on my drawing it was time for Bertus to give me the sunglasses again. So I put them on my nose. And with the glasses on I could do some drawing, ‘cause Bertus would leave me alone, looking at me a little bit suspicious now and then. It gave me some rest, but I can not recommend it, drawing with very dark shades on, when it’s raining outside.
I also tried to let Bertus sit beside me in his chair while I was working.
I gave him a piece of paper and crayons and for the first time he was “drawing”. Well, not exactly drawing of course. It was more like he was trying to kill the piece of paper with his crayons, but it was a start…

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Susan Rudat said...

This is a great story, I enjoyed reading this. I found your beautiful art on flickr and gave a click over here to your blog. Keep up the great work of raising children and creating wonderful art!